Sunday, April 23, 2006


This is one of those times when my lack of web editing skills really shows. I’ve been wanting to write an entry that involved a lot of links to other blogs, even linking back to previous entries in my own blog, but I don’t to know how to do it in that really cool way, you know, where you say "for more information click here or here," and both the heres are links with the different colored font and everything. It is so much more elegant than having to type in the address each time, and I’m sure my Neanderthal approach earns me the disdain of bloggers everywhere, but I really don’t have any alternative at present. So I hope you’ll bear with me, and if anyone feels she or he is able to explain to me how to do those cool linky things, I’d be much obliged.
One of my new favorite blogs is Joe. My. God. ( There’s lots of great writing, with a wit and concision I hope to emulate when I grow up to be a big blogger. There are many entries I might point you to, such as "Withdrawn!" (April 12th) where he suggests a policy I and Melissa of A Choreographer’s Blog ( would like to implement into our lives. The entry that occasions this writing however is inspired by Exodus International. (See my previous entry entitled "Stop Helping.") Joe reports on a lawsuit they filed against someone who posted a photo (while I’m learning blog editing, maybe I could learn photoshop too, ‘cause damn, that’s some cool shit) satirizing a billboard Exodus had planted outside a gay establishment that said "Gay? Unhappy?" then it listed the web address for the organization. The parody said simply "Straight? Unhappy?" with the address for a gay dating website. Thanks to the ACLU and laws recognizing satire as protected speech, Exodus decided not to proceed with the lawsuit. (Go to Wikipedia for more information on this whole situation, and organization. Find that link yourself, I’m getting tired.) This prompted Joe to suggest a contest where people send in their own ideas for how to satirize the billboard. For a picture of the billboard see Joe’s entry entitled "Parody-licious!" (April 18th).
I love this idea but seem to lose my sense of humor over these people. The best I can come up with is:
"Bigoted? Hate-filled? Self-righteous, sanctimonious, judgmental, pseudo-Christian homophobes masquerading-as-compassionate fuckwits? Change is possible, but fat chance morons like you who don’t have the brains god gave a barca-lounger would be able to see it."
Then I start barking and have to be sedated.
I think we can all agree my approach lacks a certain satirical elegance, no? So I invite you to come up with your own ideas for this parody contest. Joe is accepting submissions at his blog, and said he will post the funny ones. You can also post your ideas on your own blog, tell Joe about it, and maybe he’ll link to your blog. Unlike me, Joe knows how to do that cool linky thing.


Brian said...

Quick html lesson for how to link:

I'm substituting "[" for "<" and "]" for ">". If I used the actual symbols, it would think I was actually trying to link, and it wouldn't read correctly. So...

If you want to say "Click here!" and you want the "here" to link to, you would type:

Click [a href=""]here[/a]!

As an extra bonus, if you want the link to open in a new window, rather than overwriting your blog, make the first part [a target="new" href=""].

Thus endeth the lesson.

Rebecca said...

Sometimes barking is the best choice!

Here's info about putting links in posts:


Melissa said...

Patrick, I feel like you don't need any more lessons on linking - but perhaps some support on your lack of satire.
It works for me.
Then again, I aways end up barking by mistake.