Sunday, November 04, 2007

Small Victories

I thought you'd all like to know that this week I managed to do my laundry without destroying any expensive equipment. Perhaps you find it a bit pathetic for a man in his forties to congratulate himself for making sure that only actual laundry went into the washing machine, and that if I'm going to start with that, I might as well pat myself on the back for remembering to wear pants when leaving the house everyday this week, but I say we should acknowledge the victories of our lives wherever we find them, no matter how small and private.

And also, bite me.


Doing my laundry, I fell into friendly conversation with an older woman there. She was full of interesting stories from when she and her husband spent a few years homeless. Suddenly she looks at me and asks, "are you Irish?"

"Well, I'm kind of a mongrel, but yeah, mostly Irish."

"I thought so. Most white guys don't have butts, but you... baby got back!"

I had absolutely no idea how to respond to this. But as with victories, I guess we should cherish all the compliments we receive. (She was complimenting me, right?)


Jess said...

And also, bite me.

I love it.

Now what's this about Irish guys and butts? How did I miss this? I've been admiring nice male asses all my life, but I didn't know I should focus on Irish boys!

And yes, I'd take that as a compliment!

Patrick said...

To be honest, this is the first I've ever heard this idea myself. Maybe this salty old broad had her own theory on the matter, but it's not yet been subject to extensive study. I've heard of 'the Irish Curse', which is that we're supposedly badly hung as a race, but I've never heard anything about asses.