Friday, June 20, 2008

Midsummer Night

I have only the vaguest of emotional responses to midsummer, funnily enough. It's nice enough, and all. But I've never had any strong responses to it, not the way I do to the other three seasons. Shakespeare's play has repeatedly been a source of joy and rejuvenation for me, I can say that. Incidentally, did you know that just as Macbeth is supposed to be a cursed play, A Midsummer Night's Dream is supposed to be very lucky?

It has been for me, though I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to get cast as Puck before I need to play him in a walker. (Are you listening, universe? I was born to play Puck! You KNOW that. What the hell is the hold-up? Let's get crackin'!)

I did spend some time outside today, and I spent most of yesterday in what is probably my favorite park (were I forced to choose just one) Fort Tryon. Alert gardeners will recognize many of these flowers are out of season, I'm sure. Some of the photos are from yesterday, some are from May 29th. There weren't as many blossoms yesterday, though there was a ton of lavender.

Oh how I do love lavender. I'm beginning to think that whomever decides what goes into the Heather Garden pays as much attention to scent as she or he does to blossoms. Every time I go, there is some new fragrance gracing the air.

I came across a wonderful snippet about the summer solstice; according to some, the Oak King was crowned on this night, and it was the only time when he was the equal to the Goddess. He immediately began losing power of course, and his winter twin, the Holly King was born. I've recently become very enamoured of oak trees, no doubt getting more in touch with my Celtic roots, since it was the most sacred tree to them. One possible entymology of druid is 'oak sage'.

I like that.

So, my celebration tonight is rather cursory; I'll light a candle no doubt, drink a glass of wine, eat some fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, chocolate. Funny how my celebrations almost always involve wine and chocolate. Eh, it works. As with Samhain, St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and my birthday, I always think this occasion calls for me getting laid. Rarely has this panned out however. If there is one thing I do feel about this time of year though, it's gratitude for the rich lush fecundity around me, and the optimism it engenders.

Have a lovely time tonight, my friends, even if for you that means just a nice quiet Friday evening.

"Live each season as it passes: breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit..." Henry David Thoreau


Java said...

Why, if this is the first day of summer, is it called Midsummer? I celebrated the day by being hot because my air conditioner is broken. I've celebrated the night by staying up to greet the first rays of sunlight.
I love your garden pictures. Ok, really it is a park, but what is a park, really, but a public garden? It is beautiful. You seem to be getting a real feel for the camera.

Greg said...

Wow...look at those flower colors--I'm gonna have to research this business of a purple poppy! (looks like there's also columbines, bachelor buttons and the pink might be thrift...ironically enough, the latter I am unfamiliar with...)

T'was a beautiful day for a walk, which I managed to squeeze in before work yesterday. That post should be magically appearing later this morning, while I'm working on today's wedding set-up at work.

Blessed midsummer to you, my friend!

Cooper said...

There is nothing more romantic to me than the scent and sight of a field of lavender. It makes my blood purr and my body itch to dance ... to walk on my hands ... to lie in it and gaze at the sky.

Happy Summer Solstice to you, my Puckish beauty.

somewhere joe said...

Funny... I heard that you were a marvelous Puck. Guess I misunderstood.

Fort Tryon is luscious. I'm not surprised that some care was taken in regard to scent. NY parks were designed by masters. Have a glorious summer!

Greg said...

Hey, Joe's got a summer pic!

Butch said...

A Blessed Midsummer Solstice to you Patrick, and I think you would be a terrific Puck. (getting laid isn't what it's made out to be...) Haaahaaaaaa!! yea, right... Viva la "getting laid." ;-)

somewhere joe said...

Orange Popsicles and Lemonade, Greg. Tink!

Birdie said...

Somewhere Joe, your crack almost got me in trouble at work! I burst out with a laugh, and I had to explain that it was a "private joke" so I wouldn't have to read it aloud. Whew. Dodged that bullet.

Patrick, I really enjoy strolling through the Park with you. Beautiful pictures. I think when we're alone in the outdoors we can become part of the landscape. It is a powerful experience. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Greg said...

That's a beautiful photo where you can just see the corner of the GW Bridge. Those white bell clusters on the path are yucca. I have to wait a few more days for ours to blooms to remember what sort of scent they have.

Had time to come back and read this more carefully than on that frenzied morning I first visited this one. It's a really lovely post, P.

Butch said...

Happy 4th of July, Patrick!

Christopher said...

Hope you had a splendid 4th!

The images are spectacular and as always, it's a delight to read your thoughts mingled amongst the photos.