Thursday, March 05, 2009

Snow Day

Here was the view from my plant window on Monday morning. Turns out the class I was scheduled to model for that afternoon was cancelled, as were most classes throughout the city. We got somewhere between seven and twelve inches of snow, along with some bitterly cold winds. Yeah, I can hear the derisive Canadian snorts from here.

(Canadian Snorts might not be a bad rock band name, come to think of it. For now though I'm still sticking with the one I got via friend Jeff: Ungainly Paws.)

I was only scheduled for one three-hour class, at a convenient location, so it was already promising to be an easy day. Didn't matter, I still became ten years old again, thrilled to have a snow day. Adult concerns did enter the picture, of course. I'm supposed to get paid if a job is canceled with less than a week's notice, but I don't know if that includes snow days.

I repeat, it didn't matter. Thrilled.

To make the day still more special, there was a new sweet pea blossom. So far the vines have been rather coy, letting only one or two buds flower at a time, but it was fun to wake up to the odd juxtaposition of snow and spring flower. Many more buds are ripening now, so with any luck there will be a full explosion of blossoms before too long. Like I said in the first sweet pea entry, everything I get from it feels miraculous.


Java said...

What pretty sweet pea blossoms!
We had a snow day here, too, but it wasn't nearly as exciting. My kids were home. They loved it, however.

Greg said...

Snow white blossoms to celebrate your snow day - how delightful!

Glad you enjoyed the occasion - any snow angels?

Marta said...

my kids were already off of school (report card writing day for the teachers), but julie got the day off too, which is always wonderful. there's something so magical about a snow day -- it always feels like a gift, like free extra time, set apart. to do chores or errands would be blasphemous! we go sledding, have a film festival with the neighborhood kids, cook, read. Delightful! Glad your snow day was sweet too (like your pea blossoms!).

David said...

It would have been nice if I'd had a snow day on Monday, but I live and work in NYC so....hey! Wait a minute!

Birdie said...

Would this be a good time to say it reached 67° here today? Finally, decent weather!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I promise no snorting here, maybe just a little tehe. Usually they don't ask us to stay home unless it is freezing rain.
Soon spring will be here and the colour green will put a smile on our faces.