Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Message From My Dad

James Lacey's family thanks all the many people who called, wrote and emailed us to express sympathy for our loss. Many wrote your own fond memories of him and described the kind, loving, happy person we knew and loved. You spoke the Kaddish on his behalf, burnt incense and prayed to the four directions, sent us beautiful gift masses for the repose of his soul, fragrant sweet grass and medicine from Native American tradition, flowers and tender promises to hold us in the Light. We feel ministered to in so many ways. Our memories of James are enhanced by your part in his and our lives.

-- Paul Lacey

Bread and Butter Issue.

It was recently brought to my attention that this blog has no way for people to contact me privately, and while some of you were able to find alternate avenues, one friend suggested there might be others who couldn't. So I've made a small change; if you click on my photo (upper left) or on the 'view my complete profile' link, you'll go to a page which now provides an email link. I'd love to hear from any of you who wanted to contact me, but found the public sphere of the comments section unappealing for any reason.


Marta said...

patrick: does your dad have an email address (that he checks)?

Jess said...

I wish there were more we could do than simply share some words with your family. Having been in somewhat comparable positions, I know that the words do help (which is why we did what we did), but they're also woefully inadequate. Such is life, in all of its occasional cruelty, but I still wish we could fix this, instead of merely offering some words.