Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunset in Midtown, March 12th

These images may benefit from enlarging (and viewing separately) more than most.  Just click on each image, as usual. 


Greg said...

I feel like a thief leaving work at five, there's so much daylight going on. These are lovely shots, especially the bird coming in to land in the tree.

Jess said...

Again with the pretty photos. Hey, do I go jumping acrobatically about stages and jumping onto audience seats? No, I don't. That's your territory. And yet... :P

Okay, fine, I'd kill myself trying to jump into an audience--along with a few audience members--but what happened to the old days when you weren't sure which side of the camera the pictures went into? ;)

Patrick said...

Poor Jess, it's these damn digital cameras! Honestly, this is probably as close as humankind has yet gotten to a million monkeys with typewriters creating Shakespeare. The machine does all the tricky technical stuff that you spent years studying and practicing. I just run around pointing and shooting. Wheeee! Now you know how I feel when Keanu Reeves tries to do Shakespeare.

Jess said...

You're so right! He's a master at Shakespeare! Oh no, that's not what you said, is it? Hmmm. Damn digital cameras just confuse everything!