Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mom's Note

I'm feeling like I may have a lot to say today; no promises, but this entry might just be the first olive out of the jar. It feels like I'm close to getting this all out of my system, or as much as one can. Most of you are probably long past ready to move on and I respect that. I know I'll have other things to babble about very soon, most notably the upcoming celebration of my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

In the meantime, let me share with you the note I got from my mom in the mail yesterday. God bless her, she's the only person still giving me reason to look forward to snail mail these days. I really need to be better at returning the favor (she refuses to have anything to do with computers, though she will read things Dad prints out for her).

I love this.


Melissa said...

Go Mom. Perhaps via snail mail or the faster Dad Mail I would like to tell her that she is absolutely right. and I am so glad that you are.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Well.. so Mom is pretty cool too. Where did they go wrong with you? Haha, oh I'm totally kidding Patrick, just a little shock humour. Okay I'll just go now.

Greg said...

Dear Patrick, the blog is distinctly yours and so you must write within its pages about what matters to you, what makes you who you are.

No apologies or disclaimers about moving on required. Write what you need to, and publish or not, as is your choice.

Meanwhile, bless that wonderful family of yours for giving you all the love and support, not just now, but throughout your life!

Happy Anniversary to the Laceys from me.

Java said...

You are blessed with wise parents.

Butch said...

A great milestone is aproaching for your parents, and a wonderful one it is considering all of the one's that have fallen to the wayside. Congratulations to your parents and your mother is wise beyond her years. I'm sure they know they are fortunate to have such a kind and wonderful son and I suspect you feel the same for them.

Jess said...

Go mom!