Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rediscovering an Old Friend

Thanks to Facebook, I recently got back in touch with a friend from college, Marta, who has a wonderful blog called My Goodly Heritage. Most recently she's been writing some great stuff about homemaking and child rearing. You'll find the first one here, but there are at least three others after that, and I'm hoping many more. I'm finding myself thinking all sorts of things in response. A partial list:

Homemaking/childcare as vocation and spiritual practice.
How interior (or mental) landscapes affect exterior (or physical) landscapes.
The different needs people have for their home spaces (serenity or stimulation, for example).
Why do we claim to value parenting, and believe that daycare workers should be trained, licensed and closely supervised, yet don't think either of these jobs deserves a serious salary?
How creating a family demands creating a home in some fashion.

So that is a far from exhaustive list of things I'm fumbling about with. Once I've figured out what, if any, of my thoughts you need to be subjected to, I'll be back. In the meantime though, go check out Marta's blog.


Jeaux said...

Well yes, 'the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world.' While homemakers and child-care surrogates are devalued, Wall Street scammers net billions, and live to smirk about it. Is it such a surprise? We were told long ago who runs the show in this evil and intercorporate world. But there is life under the radar which, truth be told, is the safest place to be. We connect, pass the light around, hidden in plain sight, and live to smile about it.

I will dip into Marta's blog. I read her latest post and felt the resonance right away. Yup, yup. I had a high school teacher just like her.

Funny you should mention it. I was bumping around the 'net for years, googling on and off, trying to find an old friend of mine from NY. A couple weeks ago it occurred to me to try Myspace and there he was. Live and in person. Back from the dead. There was joy at the farm that day.

Jess said...

On my way to check out her blog!

Eric said...

I agree! It's been marvelous to connect with Marta (and Julie), (and Micah, and Trixie, though I know them not) again.

And it's a great blog, too.

Butch said...

The past year I have reconnected with a few friends I had in high-school. Amazing where their lives had gone. One is a writer, playwright, with a grammy under his belt and the other is a physicologist. It's been fun reconnecting and reading their life stories.

Good luck with yours.