Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Confession

Actually I wasn't really planning on changing the name of the blog. That entry was largely inspired by the fear that my previous rant about hitting people with bricks made me sound a bit too unhinged, so I wanted to reassure you all with some self-deprecating 'wit'. Since then though, I've gotten such a strong reaction (both in person and in the comments) of support and fellow feeling re: the whole hitting people with bricks, that I no longer am worried about freaking you all out. Now I'm worried about all of you freaking out. Is it the weather? Something in the air? Is this roiling miasma of rage always there just below the surface in city living? Or do I just hang around with some whack-jobs? Pot talking to the kettle, takes one to know one, yeah yeah, I get it. Just sayin'.

Anyway (isn't that a great transition? With one single all-purpose word, I manage to change the subject. That's some fine writing right there)... Anyway, my present title still feels like the best one, summing up my usual state when writing, and best defining the over-all 'theme' of this here journal. Loose Ends... says it all, for now.

However (man, look at THAT transition; pure genius, I tell ya), if I ever do change it, it probably will be NUDE! NUDE! NUDE! The Theatrical Confessions of an Irish Quaker Homo. I just think that would cut the widest and weirdest swath on Google searches.

Thanks to all for your fine ideas. This blog, it's all about the fans for me. Really, give yourselves a hand.

1 comment:

Melissa Riker said...

As we all know Patrick, you are the only one who can give yourself a hand the rest of us clap with two.
(how's that for a transition hmm? a nice little cyber throat clearing? Very nice.)
I do like that other option though....although man, can you imagine the searches you would end up on?
Not that messy is bad.
Nor am I judging said searches...
I'm stopping.
I have no way out of this one...

Look! Pretty flowers!

(wow. that was awkward.)