Friday, May 11, 2007

Time for a Change?

I've been thinking I need to change the name of this 'blog. Some possible candidates are:

This Is Not a Metaphor

Where's My Medication?

Get Off the Damn Computer Already!

In Lieu of a Life


Any suggestions?

Other thoughts on another day:

I wish I Had a Brick

Fetch Me My Dart Gun, Boy.

These last two are probably better suited for Mr. Cranky-Pants' blog, but for now I'll just let him guest-blog from here. It probably wouldn't do to let him have too much free rein, assuming I don't actually WANT to go to jail.

I bet that last sentence sent web surveillance into a tizzy.

The last title is actually a quotation from a Doonesbury cartoon, so there might be copyright issues involved. It sums up my reaction to SO many situations here though. If I could shoot tranquilizer darts, then I might not need the tazer or the brick. I rarely need to injure the assholes in question, silencing them would often be enough for me. Also getting them out of my way.


Melissa Riker said...

How about:
Violets, Lilacs and Mr Cranky Pants

I actually like Loose Ends...
don't change it unless you really want to--
You may get more hits though if its called
Nude Nude Nude

Moheggie said...

What about...

"You can thank me now, bitch."

I have a lot to catch up on on your blog! Blast work!!!

PS - Haven't read the entry yet, but thank for that photo Brad's abs. Monday is looking a little brighter already....

Jeff Wills said...

How about "This Is Not a Journal," or just "Gay Irish Quaker"? I like the present title, but can understand a need for change.

brian said...

Clearly, "NUDE! NUDE! NUDE!" is the way to go. Why is there even a question?