Friday, December 14, 2007


If you aren't already reading Cooper's Corridor (and if not, what the hell is the matter with you?) you might want to head over there today for a modest holiday performance.  It's very festive.    

You also want to be reading this guy.  

I love the internet.  For oh so many reasons.  


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Very VERY nice to meet you in your elf costume.
I must say, you have some spectacular moves!!!
(Oh-I am not quite sure what queer politics are, is that the Bush administration?)

Christopher said...

Our dear and lovely Patrick, Cooper outdid himself in that little endeavor indeed... I've never thought I would go to bed and dream of elves quite in the manner that is impending. There's a really bad porno dream about to happen!

LOL; Happy Holidays stud!


Patrick said...

Gillian: delightful to make your acquaintance too. Yeah, I do all right, but seriously, Joe is the one with the moves, wouldn't you say? That shimmy is a thing of beauty.

I wanted to tell you, I think Tumeric Skies is spectacular. I look forward to seeing more of your art.
No, I wouldn't say the Bush administration was queer politics, though it often leaves me feeling fucked (couldn't they kiss me first? Ugh, scratch that.)

Christopher, I trust your dream was everything you hoped for. Cooper outdid himself, didn't he. I think I too have developed a new appreciation for stripey socks and curly-pointed shoes. Still not crazy about the hats, but we can ditch them quickly.

somewhere joe said...

Patrick, baby... you can leave your stripey socks and curly-toed shoes on.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I thought you did the best, must be from your experience on stage before! ;)


Cooper said...

Patrick, I just had a visual you in stripey socks and curly-toed socks sans all else. I'm more arroused at the thought than I probably should be. Joe, darling stole the show. I have received a dozen e-mails and they all adore you!

Patrick said...

Joe, Cooper, if you want me in the socks, shoes, and nothing else, you got it. (Like I don't get called "Leprechaun" enough). What will you guys be wearing?
My friend Kate watched this video at 1am Friday and said on one occasion during the in-between part, a second Joe Elf showed up to get cranky with the first Joe Elf (can I just say the air-guitar moment may be my favorite of the whole thing?). Cooper, do you know what she is talking about, and if so, how to trigger it? Of course Kate may have been a little loopy; she's in the midst of finals. She watched it SEVEN times and said Joe's shimmy made everything in her world better. Something tells me she's not the first one to say that about you, Joe. And Isee you weren't kidding about changing your avatar.

Steven, you're too kind. Nice to know my years of modern dance paid off after all. I still maintain Joe has the greatest panache, and Cooper has the best 'sparkle'.

somewhere joe said...

I'll be wearing a grin.

I can't take all the credit, Cooper. You did what a good producer does (Patrick knows this)... put the right pieces together, eh, so to speak. Of course the attitude was mine, all mine. As for the shimmey, well some people got it and make it pay. Patrick your gyrations at the end got us banned in Boston. Was that the show biz experience Steven is talking about? But Cooper you certainly had the most enthusiasm and your timing was very, er, original. But your hip thrusts on the "jingle all the way" hook were da bomb. My avatar has returned due to popular demand, at least temporarily.

I guess we're a brand now. I'm seriously considering setting us up in a jib jab gig at my blog. Head shots may be requested...

Patrick said...

Dammit, are we banned in Boston AGAIN? Sorry guys, I thought I had toned it down. And I did wear pants this time. Dang.

Joe is quite right, Cooper, it was your producing skills that created the Joe Elf where the face said 'no no no', but the body said "more more more!" That, my friend, is comedy.

I don't know what a jib jab is, but I'm in.

Glad smoldering Joe Avatar is back. The other one is nice too, but I'm rather attached to this one. Apparently I'm not alone. Smoldering Joe Avatar would be a great character name. I wonder what his story would be?

Cooper said...

I, too, am glad smouldering, fierce Joe is back!

Patrick, Kate is referring to the end of the gig ... the backstage part ... At the end of the dance, after we all elf-off stage with our arms full of flowers and teddy bears thrown by adoring fans, if you just leave it on, Joe comes back and does a solo encore of sorts ... And Kate is right, the air guitar bit is to die for!

Marc said...

I thought you elves were hysterical, and your dance somewhat sexy; and in the words of Randy Newman and crooned by Joe Cocker, "you can leave your hat on!"