Saturday, December 15, 2007

That's Fang, Christmas 2004, once again being encouraged in some bad behavior.  Everyone in my family is  pretty lax when it comes to dog discipline.  I like big dogs that are willing to wrassle.  One could take that sentence so many ways (yeah, tell me you didn't).  

It is looking like I will be flying out of Newark today after all, heading back to Indiana for two weeks with my family.  Two weeks of noisy talks and laughter over amazing food, often having just a little bit too much wine, accompanying Mom and Fang on their walks (Dad when he can) as we go by to visit my mom's tree friend (she hugs a catalpa every day, and I believe she's going to introduce me to a new tree this trip), watching Fang incarnate joy as she runs and runs, all long lines and ground-eating bounds, bowling with my baby brother (who is 39 years old, 6'1" to my 5'8", but I CAN STILL KICK HIS ASS), who loves Tweety-bird so much he has him on his bowling ball, watching bird TV (ie. the bird feeders outside the dining rooms) with cats Cleo (at the parents) and Eddie (at Mary's and Tony's), staying up too late and laughing till we weep with my sister, visiting  'my' woods, where maybe I'll see deer, and great blue herons, among other less startling fauna, touching base with some old friends, meeting my friend Rebecca's 
BABY GIRL, falling into a coma the first 36 hours I'm there because my body can't believe how quiet it is, seeing stars at night.... oh joy joy joy....  I may be able to check my email periodically, but I don't know if I'll be able to blog again before the 30th... I wanted to say thank you to my new blogging community.  Your humor, sympathy, insight and appreciation has leavened my odd little Autumn.  Special thanks for the joy that is Cooper for introducing me to so many of you,  and an early Christmas goose for him and fellow Elf Joe (have you heard his sonnet reading?  Now a sexy voice to go with the face), hope this season is a time of blessing and renewal in whatever way you're hoping and needing.  


(Written in about 90 seconds with no proofreading so forgive me if I don't make any sense.)


Cooper said...

Patrick, you have just described a perfect holiday time ....renewal, peace, fun, connection, happiness, grace, belonging ... and so much love. I am in love with your family! I am glad for the joy that is Patrick ... for the friendship and connection we share.

Please give Mary a hug from me ... and one too for Fang, who has, like Molly, the doggiest of doggy hearts, and the biggest hug of all for you.

(Oh, and while you're there maybe you can choreograph our Easter bunny hop/annual spring fling number? I know you want to ... and of course, Joe is dying to don bunny ears and a cotton-tail. As for me, I just want the chance to wear an Easter bonnet.)


somewhere joe said...

Indiana's gain is Blogdom's loss... if only for a fortnight. (Fortnight! See what Shakespeare does to me?) Our virtual lights will be a bit dimmer this Christmas without your very special je ne sais quoi, though we still have We Three Elves to cheer us. Surprise us... stick your head in when we're least expecting it. Yeah, that's what I said. As for the bunny ears and cotton tail, I have no idea how Cooper finds out these things. Supergoogle? And when you're working on that choreography, please remember that Cleo and Fang are just stand-ins.

Have a rockin family Christmas Irish, just like the ones we used to know.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Patrick sounds like a perfect story book Christmas and I just wish most people will have one like that as well. Have a good time with your family and we will miss you while you are gone.

Umm, is that you being licked after telling us the dog eating poo stories? O_O


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a most joyous trip at the most joyous point in the year. Hope your travels are safe and entertaining... hurry back to regal us with the tales of family and love.


Java said...

I hope the visit is as wonderful as the image you draw in my mind with this post. I'll miss you here, and look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

Jess said...

Sounds like a great visit. Happy dog wrasslin'! :) If you ever need some substitute dog play, although I know it's not the same as Fang, you'd always be welcome to come play with our kids.

And I love the "but I CAN STILL KICK HIS ASS." The brotherly love comes through!

Have a great trip!

tornwordo said...

Have a ball and get a picture of the fauna encounters. Happy Holidays if you don't post before then. (And also if you do, lol)

Jeff Wills said...

Miss you, P.

Patrick said...

Dear Cooper, hugs were given all around on your behalf. And I am fast at work on the Easter extravaganza, though as I mention elsewhere, Fang and Cleo do not bring the commitment or verticality of you and Joe. I'm just getting the bones in.

Joe lad, will do, on all counts. As you see I have already. I missed you too much to be able to stay away.

Steven, I hope you too have a wonderful holiday. And not to worry, Fang had not been eating anything unfortunate before this photo.

Christopher, Java, Torn, I wish the same for you, a holiday raucous and/or serene as you wish it so.

Jess, I would love to meet you and your dogs, and I'm sure wrassling with them would be a joy all its own, not a 'substitute' for anything else. Dogs are as individual as people, and just as worth getting to know. And yes, I do love my brother, even if I have to keep him in line now and then.

Jeff, I miss you too. Hope you got all your shopping down with a minimum of frustration, and are off to family soon. Give Megan and Jenny hugs, Adam too if he's into that sort of thing, and give my greetings to your folks.