Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Friends

C and I walk away from the cafe where we just sat and talked a while.  

Me:  So, where are you off to now?  

She:  Oh,  L invited me to come by and see him.  He's working in the dark room.  

Me:  The dark room?  

She:  Yeah.  

Me:  Mmmm.  

She: What?  

Me: Nothin', Darlin'.

She:  L and I are just friends.  

Me:  I know you are.  

She:  Seriously.

Me:  I know.  

She:  I need to stop in this store.

Me:  Why?  

She:  I want to get some gum.  I've got coffee breath.  

Me:  Mmmm.  

She:  What?  

Me:  I've got gum.  Will Dentyne do?  

She:  Perfect.  

Me:  I thought it might be.  

She:  What?  

Me:  Nothin', Darlin'.  Well, I'm heading this way.... are you putting on lip gloss?  

She:  Uh huh.  

I kiss her.  

Me:  Scented lip gloss?  

She:  Yeah, I like it.  

Me:  Mmmm.  

She:  WHAT!?  

Me:  It's very nice.  Is it blackberry?  

She:  Cherry, actually.  

Me:  Nice.  Have a fun evening.  Tell L I said 'hey'.  

She:  We're just FRIENDS.  

Me:  I know, Darlin'.    


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

They are SO not just friends.
But, we don't need things spelled out for us, do we Patrick? A little mystery in life is so deliriously intoxicating!
p.s. Enjoy your weekend!

somewhere joe said...

But you got the first taste, didn't ya, dog.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I feel so sorry for straight people, always having to hide their true feelings, with men and women being so different from each other, why can't they just feel comfortable enough to come out and admit they like each other! Hahaha!
I don't even know these people but a great big Mmmm from me too! :)


Cooper said...

I always chew minty fresh gum and put on lip gloss before I go and visit my friends. Isn't that like a rule, darlin'?


Anonymous said...

There is always more on the tip of our tongue than we allow to cross our lips. Hence the reason a kiss tells so much more than just talking...wonder what she told her "friend"?


somewhere joe said...

Coopster, can I be your friend?

Patrick said...

Gillian: true, we don't need things spelled out, but it's always funny when we're saying more than we mean to.

Joe: yes, she was reapplying as she walked away.

Steven: isn't it sad? It's a tragedy is what it is. For the record, they came to an understanding. A year later.

Cooper: I couldn't possibly top Joe's request, so I'll simply second it.

Christopherc: see above, re: their understanding. C is a terrible liar, by her own admission; the only one believing the 'friends' story was her. I doubt she was any better at hiding her feelings with L later. As far as I can tell, he never even tried. People crack me up. When I'm not cracking them up with my ridiculousness.

Jess said...


Good post. :)

Java said...

Yea. Who was she trying to convince?

Bridget Jones said...

Nice blog :) Bridget won't comment on this post as she's new here and doesn't pretend to understand the intricacies of gum and lip gloss.. yet :)

john said...

It sounds like they are friends...mmmm