Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Rockin' New Plan

For those of you who may have grown a bit weary of the comments re: my reaction to Heath Ledger, you may have missed out on the fact that I managed to take a lively discussion and turn it into plans for nude wrestling. I'm so proud. At this point it's Joe, Cooper, and me, with Steven refereeing, and administering massages, but I bet we can talk him into competing as well. So, the question is, how? Do we just start with two and let winner take the next challenger? Or should we divide up in teams, the US v. Canada say, with Joe and me on one side, and Steven and Cooper on the other? Or (and I think this might be the best option), since Cooper is a 26 year old Lumberjack who's been in training with two children for several months now, should the three of us old geezers all take him on at once? Seems like it will be the best match-up.

Nor do I think we need limit this to just us four. Perhaps this can be an occasion to bring all Loose Ends readers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, face to face for the first time. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! How much are the tickets for this spectacular event??


somewhere joe said...

Patrick I've thought, forgive the expression, long and hard, about this. I've gone over every detail in my mind, every combination of contestants, imagining every possible configuration and... I need more time.

Dantallion said...

I'd be pleased to (selflessly) offer my services as referee if you'd like.

Cooper said...

Like Joe, I've thought about this (long and hard) in every permutation, but I don't need any more time. Yeah, baby. Bloggers gone wild, act II.

Dantallion, I just knew you were the selfless type.

Oh, and darling Patrick, I am not a lumberjack ... (even though I do like to press wild flowers).

Anonymous said...

I would fly down to your place in an instant if I knew I could finally see you naked, Patrick!

*happy sigh*


Melissa said...

Wow! Boys..this IS a new year! moving from dancing elves to wrestling naked
I love the capable arc of the physical life of you lovely bloggers!
I am so there.

Eric said...

BYOC!!! (Bring Your Own Crisco!!!)

Patrick said...

Christopherc: Hmmm, what shall we charge for these tickets? And what shall the funds be for? Getting Cooper and Co to Florida for some sun and Joe time?

Joe: Let us know when you've made up your mind. In the meantime the rest of us will start warming up with some partner stretches.

Dantallion: you're a giver. Such a mensch.

Dearest Cooper, you and I may have to be the first match-up, since we seem the most ready to go. Or we can put that on hold and press some wildflowers while Joe makes up his mind.

Ah Lara, nice to have you join the party... I'm always a bit surprised when reminded there are some non-virtual friends who have NOT yet seen me naked. I fear most of my NYC friends are pretty jaded on that count.

Melissa, I hadn't thought of this in the elf context; that brings a whole other wrinkle to things. What do we think about the stripey socks, fellas?

Eric: I was envisioning olive oil for more of a classical setting, but it might be better to open it up to a potluck thing. Good thinking. Do they still make Crisco?

Goodness this is starting to take shape.

Java said...

It is easier to shape with Crisco (yes they still make it) but I prefer the olive oil for its overall effect. Hey, can I be in charge of lube? Bring your own, I'll distribute.
I like the match up of three geezers on one sexy young super daddy. Three on one will need a good referee though.

Can you call it nude wrestling if you are wearing stripey socks?

somewhere joe said...

Who said anything about not making up my mind? I'm just taking my time savoring the possibilities...

Patrick said...

Java: Lube management is all yours. And yes, I guess the stripey socks ruins the effect. Plus I can't imagine having to wash them afterwards.

Joe: you take all the time you want. Maybe we just need to TRY all the possibilities. I like options.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

WOW! O_O I drift away from blog land for a few days and see what happens. Okay ouch on the old geezer remarks people! I like the Canada vs US match myself, don't worry Cooper I can hold my end (no pun there), I was a farm boy so I have wrestled calves and I can scare Patrick and Joe with the knowledge that it usually ended in castration!
On a funny note my word verification is Imfreak.


Patrick said...

I'm surprised it took this long for someone to object to the 'geezer' designation. If it's any consolation, Steven, being in your thirties makes you the baby of the geriatric team.
I'd forgotten you were a farm boy. Mmmm farm boys.. recent blog evidence shows is Joe is in amazing shape too. I'm beginning to think I want to take YOU three on. I don't think I can lose in such an arrangement, though the match might not do much for the ticket buyers. We shouldn't under-estimate the slippery factor either. All my boyfriends have been bigger than me (at 5'8", that's not hard) but I've held my own when it came to wrestling. And no, they didn't just let me win sometimes. I'm scrappy. I am too. Shut up.

Wow has this taken up a lot of my fantasy life lately.

Paul said...

$25, and I'm there.