Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas with Fang

This is my first attempt at a video; I shot and EDITED it with my little Samsung.  It's the video equivalent of a six year old making something with yarn, glitter and pipe cleaners, and like that six year old, I am unspeakably pleased with myself for having managed it.  What's more I did it without gluing pipe cleaners to my head, covering myself with glitter or injuring myself with scissors.  For the record, it's impossible to use glitter and not end up covered with it.  It also never leaves your house. 

Anyway, not only did I collect the images and footage, I managed to combine them with basic transitions that I think were the same ones George Lucas used in the first Star Wars trilogy.  Then with the help of friend Melissa I was able to convert the avi footage to something that Youtube was actually willing to accept AND I already had an identity there ready to be used for this stuff...

So, for a techno-chimp like myself, this 2 minute venture marks all SORTS of little victories.  UnSPEAKABLY pleased with myself.  Seriously.  Yay, yet another way for me to fritter away my life on the internet!  I still don't twitter, but I'm happy to fritter.

[Later: now I've even been able to embed this puppy right in the blog, instead of making you follow a link.  I'm burning up here, Baby!]

It will probably come as no surprise that my video maiden voyage is of Fang.  Sadly this footage doesn't let you see her run full out.  To get her going in the big joyous figure eights that make my heart sing loudest, I usually have to chase her, or get her to chase me for a while, but that was a little tricky with a camera in front of my face.  I did attempt it in the second bit of video, and managed it a bit without falling down, breaking the camera, or my face, but it still didn't get her going.  I'll have to get someone else to record it next time, I guess, and I'll just do the romping part.  When I go after her, I make a weird whooshing sound with my voice.  I never noticed that before making this tape.  I haven't the slightest idea why, but I can't imagine NOT doing it either.  Maybe it's a way of letting her know I'm playing as I bear down on her.  Like she couldn't figure that out on her own.  

Okay, Patrick needs to get out of the house.  Get a life, that kind of thing.


Java said...

She made short work of that octopus, didn't she? She's a fine dog.
Congratulations on your first video. You've done more than I have.

Rev. AJB said...

Hmmmmm....the pose on the sofa must be one of her favorites!

Birdie said...

Nice job on the video! Combining stills with video is a step I have yet to take.

I'm grinning from watching Fang. (How could anyone not?) It is amazing how much joy dogs bring to a household.

Your "whoosh" reminds me of a similar sound both of my children made when chasing the cat. Since my daughter outgrew the exercise before my son was born, making the noise was apparently innate. And it sounded a whole lot like your "whoosh." They were mystified that I could tell from another floor that they were chasing the cat and would call out to stop it. Mothers just have that skill.

Greg said...

Ha ha. What a treat to finally see Fang running through her paces. What a riot about the "whoooosh" noise. Nice first video, pal. (Hey, umm, is that glitter on your nose...?)

Ben said...

I *would* say congrats on your very first filmmaking venture, but all I can think while watching it is, "BRRRR!"