Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tree Trimming at Laceyland

Another modest endeavor. My learning curve seems to be going the wrong way. Whatever.

Here's a glimpse of my beautiful family, and what my sister calls "the proto-crypto-dream house 
in which I grew up."
Having this haven, and these people in my life does my soul all kinds of good. I'm a lucky man.

We miss thee, James.


Beth (P.) said...

So many things to love about this clip: your chuckle as Fang looks into the camera, seeing that wonderful wall of books, gazing at the beautiful dinner table where I have such fond memories of sitting and communing with your family, wondering what your dad is thinking as he sits in the chair, wanting to say "hi" to Mary as she trims the tree, seeing a home. You are blessed, dear one with such a place and such a family. I love you heaps.

Java said...

I heartily approve of the soundtrack. It's my "get in the Christmas spirit" music-to-wrap-presents-and-decorate theme.

Greg said...

"Messiah" is a delightful tree trimming soundtrack.

Patrick, thanks so much for bringing us into this special place in your heart. Knowing you, it's no surprise to see this place with its wonderful books shelves and windows and - OMG, is that a box of ROCKS!!! - what a lovely home.

A belated (but really continuous) Merry Christmas to you, my friend.

Patrick said...

Dear Beth, one of the things that makes this haven so precious is the many people who have passed through and enjoyed it with us. Your love, wit and intelligence helped build the dream house.

Dear Java, yes, listening to the Messiah is a key part of our tree-trimming tradition (ooh, say that out loud, it's fun). I was pleasantly surprised how well the music got recorded by accident, and fades away as I leave the living room. A happy accident.

Dear Greg, yes, that is indeed a box of rocks in the dining room window; the little bed is for the cat, when she wants to watch some Bird TV, or just be more a part of the meal. The box used to contain plants as well as rocks, until the cat joined the family. She's a nibbler.
Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you too, my friend.

Jeaux said...

The seamless tracking shot made me wonder for a moment if this wasn’t the legendary lost footage of Rear Window. But then I saw the dining room table and realized I was in Laceyland after all. Hey, I like this video thingy. You could direct a scene or two with your family for starters. Or a Shakespearean soliloquy. Do more!

The cat, Patrick, the cat! I love this house. It reminds me of my own Salem Village. Sigh. Christmas in NY is wonderful, but this... this! Clement Moore lives here.

Rev. AJB said...

I was trying to reconcile the deja-vu feeling I had at Laceyland a few weeks ago. Seeing Paul in his chair finally put the pieces together. My visit reminded me of visits at one of my seminary prof's houses. Paul reminded me of "Papa" Volz (he was early church history; so James would have loved him) and Margaret reminded me of his wife, Lydia. And the living rooms were very similar. The only thing that would have added to the deja-vu would have been watching the Bush-Clinton debates;-)

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

I love what Jeaux said; "Clement Moore lives here." I couldn't say it much better. Lovely. Makes my heart sing. Your family, your home. You are indeed a lucky man.