Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bits of News

So I fly back to Indiana tomorrow, for Christmas with my family.  We're all going out to our favorite Italian restaurant that evening, assuming the weather accommodates my flight plans.  This restaurant has been the go-to place for our family celebrations for as long as I remember.  This occasion will be the first time we've all gone since James' death.  There will be plenty of such firsts this season, of course, and for the next year.  Goody.  But as Mary says, the only way out is through, and we'll toast him, eat some good food, tell some favorite stories, laugh and cry.  When Dad first mentioned this plan to me, he said "We probably won't be the first guys sobbing in the men's room."  I agreed.  It's an Italian restaurant, after all, even if it's in the stoic Midwest.  I doubt we'll bother hiding in the men's room, frankly.  Why start now?

Huh.  That wasn't what I got online to tell you though.  First off, I did a bit of house-cleaning yesterday on this here bloggerino, adding some fun new links, and updating old ones (finally, Greg, I'll be sending people directly to the Midnight Garden).  If any of my links don't work, please do let me know.

One of the new links is called Queer New York.  The illustrious, intriguing, and ever-productive Father Tony started a new blog focusing on life in New York from a queer perspective (did you pick up on that from the name?), and much to my delight he invited me to be one of the contributers.  Initially I was unsure if I should accept for a few reasons: 1) I haven't exactly been burning up the interwebs here at my present blog, why add another blog to ignore, 2) I rarely managed to go anywhere or do anything even remotely New York City-related AND 3) I didn't seem to know more than, oh, let's say three gay men in New York, and maybe six world-wide.  Starting this blog actually doubled the number of gay men I interacted with on a regular basis, and I haven't even met all the local ones face to face.

(Okay, if I didn't link to you in the paragraph above, don't take it personally, it was just taking all day, and I have other things I need to do.  Did I mention I'm flying to Indiana tomorrow?  I will also admit that if you haven't posted anything on your blog for two or more months, I didn't link to you.  Doesn't mean I don't love you, I just figure you didn't need the pressure.)

Fortunately my natural tendency towards gluttony won out though, and I accepted Tony's invitation.  I only have two modest posts up at this point, but I anticipate this being a fun endeavor to be part of.  There's some wonderful stuff there, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes down the pike.  Tony has assembled an eclectic mix of men and women (though he still wants to find more queer bloggers of color, so contact him if you fit the bill, or know someone who does), and has, with only a small number of caveats ("this won't be the place to post pictures of your cat") encouraged us to post anything we like.  Reviews of various kinds are making a big showing at present, but no doubt some of the fun with this venue will be seeing how it shapes itself over time. If there is a mission at this point, I'd say it would be to give out of towners the inside scoop on LGBT life in NYC.  PDQ.  RSVP.  BTW.  LOL. (OMG did I just type LOL?  Seriously?)

Huh.  Don't know why I thought that was necessary.  I do feel like progressive politics tends to involve a LOT of acronyms, not that there's anything wrong with that.  And don't you love the caps button?  I sometimes wish I had one in my daily life, though the fact is city living would probably benefit from fewer caps buttons running around the joint.  Just in general.  Did I mention I'm going to Indiana tomorrow?  Have I mentioned before that I usually spend the first two days of my visits to Indiana sleeping, or wanting to sleep?  Sixteen hours at a stretch is not unheard of.  I call it the Richmond Coma, and I think the sheer dearth of NOISE (caps intended) has a physical effect on me.  My nervous system, which in cities is probably more nervous than is healthy, simply collapses. I usually come out of the coma ready for long walks and some serious dog-romping, though, and conveniently, there is a dog who loves to romp.  I might actually get some video footage of that, if Fang is amenable.  Amenable is her normal state, if not organizing principle, so I'm optimistic.  Whether or not I actually turn that video into something worth seeing, that's the real question here.  I'm less optimistic on that front, but not completely without hope.

Wow.  I DO go on.  I can't believe it's been two weeks since I posted anything here.  I don't know about the rest of you bloggers, but this process has evolved into a fairly useful processing tool for me.  I feel the lack when I don't do it.  Babbling on paper (what Dad calls 'bilge-pumping') is fairly necessary to my mental well-being too, but I think I've been reasonably good about not putting that stuff out on the internet for all and sundry.  Sundry gets really cranky about that kind of thing, and who can blame her?

I'm shutting up now.  But I've missed you, and hope to be writing more regularly, here at at the new house.


Birdie said...

I was thrilled to see your name on the bloggers' list at QNY. I know that your contributions are and will be worthy additions to the new blog, which is shaping into a delightful read. Your meditations on parks have been excellent here; you might consider that for QNY when they begin to turn green again. (The parks, not your writing. Or QNY.)

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, and send them my best.

Marta said...

i for one have been annoyed (ANNOYED i tell you!) at that body surfing title that wouldn't go away ... so i'm glad you're gonna be blogging more. try every day for awhile, it will kick your butt, but it's kind of an awesome discipline.

have a great time in richmond. kiss your folks for me, and anyone else i might know.

Rev. AJB said...

Which Italian Restaurant? I didn't know Richmond had an Italian restaurant that had been around for years? Did I miss something?

I mean I complained to my folks for years that nothing changes in Richmond. Now I've been away almost two decades and every time I'm home I complain about all the change-ROTFLMAO! Although I think I have a right to bitch about them tearing out a large part of the Hayes Arboretum to put up a friggin' Kohl's, Menards and Starbuck's-WTF.

Look forward to finally meeting you in the flesh on the 29th. Yeah...believe it onr small-city midwesterners do NOT know every person in our hometowns! We just know their business;-) BTW figure out someplace cool for us 40-somethings to hang out at. Please, nothing towny. If I hear country when I walk in....I'm outy!

I'll say a prayer of remembrance for James-and for you and your family on Christmas Eve.

tornwordo said...

I foresee travel delays. Have a lovely visit nonetheless!

Greg said...

Nice to see a new post from you, pal. Wishing you safe and easy travels, plenty of good snoozing and all the love and joy and light your family holiday can fit.

Thanks for the updated link - glad I had something new to welcome any surfers you send! : )

Megan said...

Welcome to the lovely snowy Midwest...just as I'm heading to NC for some family goodness.

Still, I like knowing you'll be in the Middle Area for awhile, even if I won't actually be in that general area at the same time.

Adore you.

Java said...

I missed this post when it came out. I was in the midst of final exams and wasn't surfing for pleasure much. It's old news now, but still a great read. You write well, dear.