Sunday, February 03, 2008

These next three shots are of the Boat Basin.  Some people live in these boats year 'round.  I was in a houseboat once in Seattle, and was captivated by how well designed it was; there was a surprising amount of space, and things were very well organized.  I've wanted to live in a houseboat ever since.  Then I found this place.  Imagine having Riverside Park as your front yard.  Imagine being able to say you lived in Manhattan, on a boat.  I sit at the gate of this dock periodically, bright-eyed and expectant, smiling brightly at everyone who passes through the locked gate, but so far no one has asked me to live with him.  The big brown boat is obviously a house (and I'm unconvinced as to its true sea-worthiness), but I think some of the smaller boats are homes too, since I saw two guys exchanging notes on something that sounded more residential than nautical.  What should the word be if it's a river instead of the ocean?  Is it still nautical? 

I know there is an effort to close this place down as a residential area; I just hope I get in one before that happens.  


Jess said...

Yes, I would think it's still "nautical."

On another note, send me an e-mail when you can. I think I have your e-mail address around here somewhere, but I can't find it. We were going to invite you out one night, but that's hard to do without contact info!

Java said...

I have long been enamored of houseboat living. I love the efficient use of space in a nautical vessel. And I just discovered I like to be in a gently rocking boat/ship. Honey, if I lived in a boat in Manhattan I'd invite you to live with me.

On a related note, have you ever seen the grand old movie Houseboat with Cary "Heartthrob" Grant and Sophia "Va-voom" Loren? The architectural structures in that film intrigue me. So do the anatomical structures, but that's another story.

Cooper said...

The word "riparian" comes to mind. I seem to recall it being used in Keeping Up Appearances by the delightful, social climbing Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet) when planning a riverside picnic.

I'd love to live in a houseboat for a year.

P.S. If Jess and Marc invite you out one night, go, even though I'll be jealous!