Tuesday, February 05, 2008

One summer I came back from a month long job in Vermont, to find that someone had painstakingly stripped the white paint off the two front doors, revealing gorgeous wood underneath. This place was built in 1909 (so says my lease) and under feet of paint there is some beautiful wood throughout the building, I'm sure. Nothing has been done to these doors except removing the paint, though I can say from experience that the thoroughness of the job is impressive. They're protected enough from the elements, I suppose; no to need any kind of varnish, or stain, but it seems silly to me to go to all that trouble, then leave the job half-done.

My camera seems to share my penchant for rich red browns, since it's taken a few liberties in recording the color of the wood here. It's lighter, more towards yellow-tan, but still nice.

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