Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just Friends II

She: Happy Valentine's Day!

He: Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie!

She: What are you doing today?

He: Oh, I've got a meeting with a gallery owner! She's thinking about representing me!

She: That's great!

He: Yeah... but it sucks I have to be here on Valentine's Day.

She: Yeah. I miss you.

He: No kisses for me today.

She: Maybe you should kiss the gallery owner. She might like that.

He: I don't think that would be very professional.

She: You never know. It might close the deal.

He: Mm-hm. What are you doing tonight?

She: Oh, Patrick is making me dinner.

He: That's nice.

She: Yes. I'm bringing dessert.

He: So there might be some kisses for you tonight, huh?

She: Probably.

He: ......Patrick is gay, right?

(Me: That's right, Sparky.

At least that's what I want you to think.)

(Mmm, kiwi-scented lip balm...)


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh you sly devil. How very clever of you!
Some doors swing both ways I hear.
Anyhoo, about your profile; madonna. Love her. Went to a show when I was pregnant with Bronwyn and danced for three hours. The woman is like a pretzel, she is more in shape than women half her age. I think she is wonderful!

Kiwi? I'd have thought banana would be your flavour...

somewhere joe said...

The plot, and the lip balm, thicken. She brought "dessert", huh? You need a chaperone. I'm available. I'm drowsy. I'm hands-on.

Cooper said...

My lip balm is morning-coffee scented. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Nice plot being laid as the story seems to thicken.

Java said...

This is getting so good. I laugh in your general direction. I also blow you a kiss. That way my lip balm flavor remains a secret!

joe, you should definitely go chaperone Patrick.

Patrick said...

Gillian: Yes, a clever plot years in the making... I do love banana though, how did you know? Cheeky minx..See you didn't realize that when I suggested you share your husband (and Joe) I really meant you should SHARE your husband (and Joe).

Joe: Drowsy, hands-on, dashing, available, what more does one need in a chaperone?You're 'hired'.

Cooper: how did you guess my favorite flavor? Joe is right, you have some kind of super-google at your disposal. Along with the crack graphics team. But if it's you wearing the coffee-scented lip balm, I might need to ask for decaf. Only so much excitement I can take.

Christopher: I'm just as mystified as anyone as to what will happen next, what flavor the lip balm will be. Stay tuned.

Java: you tease. But you realize you're only adding to your air of mystery. Thanks for encouraging Joe, he's just the man to keep me out of trouble. I blow you a kiss back.

Bill said...

I came here by happenstance, and have enjoyed poking around. I really loved the subway commute. I hope you made it to a reasonably clean bathroom before the coffee ruptured your bladder.
Have fun, and thanks for all the great pictures, too.

john said...

Is it weird that I like the original scent chapstick? Something about it smells so clean.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Eeeeewwww! A woman? Patrick have you become that lonely for a date? What if the lip balm actually works and she kisses you? Yuck, yuck, yuck, girl kisses, eeewwww almost as bad as when the dog kissed you! ;p

Dantallion said...

...except that dogs have cleaner mouths (or so I've heard).