Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This is the view from the top floor, just outside my door. There have been times when the only exercise I could really count on was climbing up and down four flights of stairs.

Sometimes I'll get to the bottom, realize I've forgotten something, then debate with myself. Do I really need it? Can I just buy a replacement? Can I ignore it all together? I have on occasion left without the item in question.

Taking out the garbage and the recycling feels like an accomplishment, though we often just do it when we're on our way out anyway. Still, that involves yet one more flight of stairs, down to the bottom of the courtyard/air shaft. I'm willing to pay the cost of the stairs though. Our apartment gets bathed in light from the south, street-facing windows, but also the east, courtyard/airshaft facing windows. I spend a lot more time enjoying the light (as do my plants) than I do running up and down stairs.

I have not always informed friends of the climb they face when they come to visit me the first time. I just do all I can to make it worth the trip. Food, no small amount of liquor, it helps.


Java said...

The last flight, to your place, not so worn, huh? All the more special then. That looks like a mighty cardiovascular work out, Patrick. It would take this old fat lady a while to get up alla' them steps. But you are worth it!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I love those stairs! Well unless I had to climb them I guess. Actually I live on the seventh and use the stairs all the time, I am faster than the elevators. They look like the stairs in scary movies, you know where you look down and see the killer coming up, umm but I am sure you will be okay! O_O

Just send your big dog after him!


Patrick said...

Java, tell you what, come for dinner, spend the night, stay for breakfast, then you'll be rested, fortified with two meals, and the stairs won't seem as bad. Going down is always easier anyway, unless you have bad knees.

Steven, thanks for that image. Actually I'm counting on the killer just not being in as good shape as me (at least regarding the stairs), so I'll be able to sprint up ahead of him. Then yes, I'll be able to release the mighty hound.