Sunday, February 03, 2008

After you've lived in New York for a while, you realize you're always living in and around scaffolding.  The city is a big bee-hive, constantly under construction.  I could call it an ant-farm instead, but I like bees,  and am not so fond of ants.  Sometimes the scaffolds go up but nothing happens.  I mean for years.  A survey conducted recently found that a surprising number of the scaffolds erected throughout Manhattan were not, in fact, actually being used.  That kills me.  This is Riverside Church, a thriving community center for the area.  I am confident they will move quickly to make the necessary renovations.  I sometimes attend a Quaker Meeting that worships here each week.  Often we're in this tower, on the tenth floor, in a beautiful room with stained glass windows, a huge Persian rug, a baby grand piano, and a small stage.  My ancestors would have plotzed.  

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