Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quick Call Home

Mom: Hello?

Me: Hi, it's me!

Mom: Hello there! (Off) It's Patrick! Mary's here too, she's getting on the extension

Mary: Hi Sweetums!

Me: Hi! How's thee?

Mary: Just peachy.

Mom: So did thee get my package?

Me: Yes, that's what I was calling about. Thanks for my Claddagh Ring, it's beautiful.

Mom: It's probably too big, isn't it.

Me: Well, it's really nice, I may just put it on a chain around my neck. But yeah, I tried it on all my digits and they're all too small.

Mom: Er, um, well, yes, ah...

(....Did my mother just go where I think she did?)

Me: Mom... That's not a digit.

Mary: And it's not too small!


Anonymous said...

Go Mom!!!

Cooper said...

I love your mother!

somewhere joe said...

I'm not sure what is being alluded to here. Is there a photograph?

Dantallion said...

Wrong type of ring, no?

Java said...

Gotta love Mary!
Watch out, Patrick, I think Joe is trying to trick you.

Patrick said...

Christopher and Cooper: Yes, I love my mother, but like Java said, Mary is my hero in this story.

Dantallion: definitely wrong kind of ring. I wonder if they make Claddagh rings for that? I'm not sure what I think about the fact that that's what Mom pictured.

Joe, see updated post. That was the kind of photo you were looking for, right?

somewhere joe said...

Yeah, that's it, yeah... :o\

Pretty ring, though, handsome hand. But what, pray tell, is a Claddagh Ring?

john said...

I have a Claddagh ring...although it probably isn't genuine since I bought it off a street vendor in New York City when I was there in the 90's. But it is one of my favorite rings.

tornwordo said...

This somehow reminds me of that schoolhood joke that finishes with, "That's not my belly button." and "That's not my finger."

Anonymous said...

But what, pray tell, is a Claddagh Ring? - Somewhere Joe


Hi Joe,
A Claddagh ring is an Irish friendship ring given to your beloved. They have started to become popular in the US.