Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This is just above the stairwell. To the left is the door to roof. I've been up there maybe six times; it's nothing special. I do like sitting under the skylight when it's raining hard though: neat sound.

There is a fire alarm lock on this door. All the tenants have keys. The super has never been able to figure out how to unlock it. He seems to need to do this at 6am on Saturdays (he's an early riser in general, and sometimes I sense a gentle disapproval of those who aren't). He's a sweet fellow, but good lord. More than once I've woken, gone out, opened it for him, shown him how to do it, then gone back to bed. I don't think he has mastered it still. I think now when they need to get up there, his son unlocks it. Lucky for him. The next time I went out to help, I wasn't going to put on any clothes.

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