Thursday, September 06, 2007

Randomness, Cause I'm Like That

After hearing a well-known Republican pundit address an audience at the college where she teaches, one Dr. Mary Lacey, Professor of English said:

"Ann Coulter is Anna Nicole Smith with a library card."

God, I love my sister.


As I came up from the subway today, there were three teenage Latino boys standing by the railing. One of them said:

"Man, you'd think the cookies would of worked, or the hot guys, but I think she's turning into a lesbian."

Really wonder what's in those cookies.


Rebecca said...

Coulter spoke there??????

Are you kidding?????????

Google or youtube the song by Hammel on Trial, about Ann Coulter. WARNING: it is extremely un-PC, don't say I didn't warn you.

I love Ed Hammel, though.

jsleuth said...

What's in the cookies? It's the chocolate. Give a woman too much and she starts thinking she doesn't need men any more-- go figure. That's why I keep Genna on a strict ration.