Saturday, August 21, 2010

(Re)gaining Perspective: Burren, the Long View

What an overwhelming four months I've had.  I've been some amazingly beautiful places, met some wonderful people, got to do some satisfying work. 

And I've walked.  And looked.  Lots of looking.  There's been so much to see.  There have been some wonderful, important conversations as well, often combined with the walking and looking, but I'm having a hard enough time synthesizing stuff as it is, so for now I'm going to stick just with the walking and looking. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Falls Creek With Dana

I'm back in New York, getting reacquainted with my life here, after a fantastic month in the Methow Valley, direcing a production of Tuesdays with Morrie at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp, WA.  Not even a cracked tooth could mar the joy of the experience, the beauty of the surroundings, or the loveliness of the friends old and new I encountered.

So far the weather here isn't too bad, but it promises to get nasty again in the next day or two.  So here's a  mini-heat break, at least for your imagination.  My new friend Dana showed me this waterfall as part of a lovely day we had two Sundays ago.  I wish you could feel the air (negative ions bouncing everywhere) and smell the cedar trees.  Why does the scent of cedar immediately cool me off?  Sigh.

I don't know why the sound cuts out before the end.  The quality is not great, unless you take into account that I shot this on my Palm Pre phone.  Then I think it's pretty damn impressive.