Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Climbing Home

I live in a five floor walk-up. What that means is, there are five floors, and no elevator. I live in the very top floor, in the very last apartment. This is the front door to the building. I've lived here over eight years now, and my name still isn't on the directory there. I recently noticed the name had been changed however; no longer did it list my predecessor as the tenant, now there are two new names. Neither of them are mine or Tommy's. I have no idea who they are. They're not anyone in the building as far as I know. I could squawk about this to the landlord, but I won't, because a) I think it's funny, and b) I like to save my calls for real emergencies, so the landlord takes me seriously when I do call. It seems to be working.


Anonymous said...

I love living unnoticed through life like that; plus I like the feeling of living in disguise like a james bond - like character!!

hmmm, maybe not so much, but I know where you're you're coming from.


Joe Jubinville said...

I was just thinking, reading your last post, 'What about Bob?' Thanks for the update. I take it he still figures prominently in your transcendental meditation effort (or non-effort as the case may be).

Harlem is famous for its lovely old pre-war walk-ups. I like the stone delarobia around the entrance.

BTW, I suspect many a New Yorker would pay good money to have the wrong name listed next to their apartment in the directory.

john said...

I wonder who's name is on your mailbox then...hmmm.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Does your landlord own any other buildings? Maybe your name is listed there!
Very nice,they just don't make buildings like that anymore.


Gill said...

Love your digs. Such character.
As for you, your name was mentioned during my little "somewhere" adventure. I wondered if you would kick my ass for visiting Joe without you? LOL

Jess said...

Five floors? Okay, once we get together and all get to know each other... well, no offense, but don't invite us up! Of course, I am trying to lose weight and get back in shape. Nah, never mind. Maybe after I am a LOT thinner, we can talk. In the meantime, we'll meet you at ground level. :)

Speaking of getting together: jess466-at-optonline-dot-net

(Pardon my writing out the "at" and "dot". Just trying to avoid e-mail harvesting programs.)

Patrick said...

Gillian, I'm tickled and titillated- to know that my name came during your visit somewhere. I would have thought I'd be jealous about your visit too (though I'm too scared of you to try to kick your ass), but funnily enough, I was just delighted.

Jess, I'll make you the same offer I made Java (similarly daunted by the stairs). Come for dinner, stay the night, have breakfast, then you've gotten two meals and a night's sleep.

Cooper said...

Such character and beauty, Patrick. I love the old patterned tile and the stair rail, the wood ... and even the little bulge in the floor. I could manage the stairs, but if I pretend I can't, would I be invited for the sleepover, too? Please.