Monday, July 28, 2008

Necessary Back-Tracking

A couple of friends have written me privately in response to the last two entries, expressing concern for me, but also perplexity. It was foolish of me to assume that everyone who read this blog would know what came to light this week with Nicky Cooper, the author behind Cooper's Corridor and Nico's Niche. My apologies for leaving some of you out of the loop.

To get a good synopsis of the story, go here. In the comments section you'll also find my response, since in fact I am the blogger Tony mentions at the end who could verify the truth of Jo's story. The two entries following on Tony's blog also refer to the whole mess, but I suspect he, and most other people will be moving on from this now. I may still have one or two more stories to share, but we'll see.


Jeff said...

Still seeking my own sense of forgiveness, even (especially?) after reading the rest of the saga on Fr. Tony's 'blog. Hope you'll be forgiving of my slow progress toward forgiveness. And hey: Let's hang out soon. In person, like.

Tony Adams said...

You and Kate seem to be sensible and level-headed persons, proving that this is finally not such a sordid story. (Have been distracted. Calling you soon.)

Unknown said...

In agreement with Jeff here -
I'm working on it.