Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mental Housecleaning

I react to Feng Shui much the same way I react to astrology; I think it's a total crock, but I love reading it, I find it fascinating. Actually Feng Shui sometimes is rather sensible, at its most basic, practical, interior design elements. But I have to acknowledge something; recently I've been feeling confused and cluttered inside my head, then I took a look around the apartment and realized every flat surface had stuff all over it. Little nests of papers, books, notebooks, glasses, junk mail, homeless plants, pens, photos, they are everywhere. I can't claim it's because of Christmas either. This year I got all sorts of things to help me organize and store other stuff, without them things would be much worse.

So. I'm spending tomorrow morning getting rid of some of the clutter. We'll see if my mind ends up clearing too. I have to admit I hope Feng Shui is right this time.

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