Thursday, January 04, 2007

Puppies, Friends, and Sushi

Cell phones have brought a new wrinkle to my life. Often now when my friends leave a message, they are out and about, going about their day in the world. Many of my friends (and I think I do this too) have a tendency to leave stream of consciousness messages, randomly reporting the thoughts going through their heads. Well, now, I get a little glimpse of what they're experiencing as well. It feels sometimes like I'm finding out what it's like to BE them. Melissa almost always runs into a dear friend unexpectedly on the street, often someone she hasn't seen in months or even years. Kate sees a puppy every time she calls. Or a baby. "OOOh, cutest baby( or puppy) in the world!" she'll say, right in the middle of another thought. Every call. Julia is often eating sushi. I feel sometimes like my friends inhabit a New York of magic, with butterflies and kisses waiting for them on every street corner.
This is not how I experience life in New York. It's a good reminder that one's experience is defined by one's perspective.

Bottom line, I love my friends.

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Unknown said...

hee hee - hadn't thought about that..but the truth is Kate has run into cute puppies during messages to me as well!