Friday, June 18, 2010

Day Four: The Burren

Blogger is being EXTRA annoying today.  Recalcitrant, arbitrary, moody and just plain bitchy.  There, I said it.  You're being bitchy, Blogger.  What is your dang deal, anyway?  Put the photos where I tell you to put them.  It doesn't matter to ME if you want to load them top to bottom or bottom to top, all I ask is that you be consistent.  I don't think that's a lot to ask of a computer program, or online software, or whatever the hell it is you call yourself, Blogger.  It seems to me consistency is the least I should expect.  
Okay, I haven't gotten back to the travelogue just yet, I'm trying to take some uncharacteristically pro-active steps to enjoying a city in warm weather.  Even the fact that I just used the term 'pro-active' should tell you something.  I pretty much hate that term.  Not quite as much as I hate hearing 'impact' used as a verb, but it's a close deal.  Anyway, I'm getting out and about, doing things, being all citified and cool and like that there, so I'm not home as much, and when I am, there is work I actually should be doing, so, well, I've been doing it.  So, doing summer city stuff and work.  That's my deal.  

Can you tell I've been wrestling a wee bit too long with this stupid freakin' page?  Oh, and while we're at it, Blogger, don't underline "freakin'" with a bright red line.  I KNOW it's not a word.  But I don't think you're really in a position to be worrying about my spelling, when you're not getting the basic tasks of your own work done sufficiently.  How about you worry about things like loading the stupid photos in a consistent manner, and publishing text as text, not all one imaginary link, 'kay?  AND YES I KNOW 'KAY ISN'T A WORD EITHER.    

Okay, already written more than I intended to.  There's that work I should be doing (this was supposed to be a brief mental break, and while it's been quite mental, it's hardly been brief), and the thing about freelance work is, there's no boss breathing down your neck.  I think that may be the definition of 'free-lance' actually.  So no one knows if you're not working until you crash and burn spectacularly, thus assuring that no one ever wants to hire you again.  

I think that's part of the definition too.  

Okay, this post is breaking all sorts of record for lame, but I was feeling the need to have something up on the bloggerino (yes, Blogger, not a word, thank you) that didn't involve terms like 'STD' or 'syphilis'.  


I hope to get back here soon to write more about the trip.  Days three, four and five in the Burren (YES THAT IS SO A WORD, JESUS CHRIST ON A BICYCLE), county Clare, were some of the best parts of the trip.  For now I'll leave you with my little rant and some photos.  

Stupid Blogger. (I gave up months ago trying to control the size of the type-face.)


Anonymous said...

Damn Blogger. But those are peaceful photos and a nice shot of Mary. Thanks for posting. Tom T.

Birdie said...

I wondered why you and several others were shouting with your fonts. Your rant is not impacting the pro-active nature of your photos, so that's value-added. This post makes me want to dialogue and fellowship with you about verbing nouns.

Marta said...

how about "gift" as a verb? omg that sends me over the edge.

am totally jealous about being out and about in the city (The City: there, i said it) -- enjoy!

love, m

Patrick said...

Thanks for all the commiseration on my ranting, friends. But you know if you encourage me, I'll just get worse.

Tom: thank you. I love that shot of Mary too. There were many great shots of her this trip, and I hope she doesn't get too embarrassed if I post a lot of them. I'm also discovering that landscapes just make more sense if there's a person there to set the scale, and with this trip, that scale-setter was usually Mary.

Birdie: you make me laugh. And I'd forgotten how many of those verbed words show up in faith communities now. It's almost like that's where the Hippie terms go to die. Dialogue as a verb makes me think of some 1970's encounter group (and it's still a step up from 'rap'). But Quakers are fond of dialoguing and fellowshipping too. Oy.

Marta: Ah my dear, I envy you your time at the beach. And "THE City"? Are you cheating on Philly? It seems like a pretty swell place too, from my limited experience. But you know you're always welcome here in the Big Kumquat. Oh, and the only thing worse than gifting is regifting. Even blogger hates that last one (or at least questions its legitimacy).

Marta said...

"cheating on philly" he he he. you're a funny one my love! ellen and i are scheming a little trip to nyc in august -- remind me your summer schedule? i also have a package for you i need to get in the mail, but don't want it to arrive when you're away. xo m

Greg said...

Someone's a little cranky in the heat, eh? Heh. Hopefully your recent amphibious time addressed that for you.

I don't mind the big font so much - it's nice to read something on the internet that doesn't strain my vision.

Lovely photos!

Java said...

Blogger and/or my computer has been giving me fits recently. I can rarely access the page that allows me to post.

The heat, it is not such a good thing. It makes me cranky. That is an understatement.

Poetic license, that's what Blogger doesn't appreciate. How parochial.