Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New York Pride This Sunday

Hey Fellow New Yorkers, or anyone who will be in town this coming weekend:  Father Tony, the man who never seems to sleep (I don't know how else to explain his dauntingly high level of activity) is once again organizing a group to march in the Pride Parade.  Bill and I will be there, and we'd love to see you.  See below for the notice Tony sent out.

You are invited to march with the queer New York bloggers, writers and digital activists in the 2010 NYC Pride March on Sunday June 27.

Let me know if you'd like to join us. I'm assembling an email list for last minute info. 

Our group has been assigned an advantageous assembly point and a start time near the front of the march (also we are right behind the Gotham Knights Rugby team!):

We are Group #15 in Section Two, assembling on 40th Street between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue.  We step off at 11AM.  If you'd like to march with us, you'll have to meet us at the assembly point before 11AM.  
Last year, in front of Stonewall

Hi, it's Patrick again.  Anyone, regardless of blog ownership or sexual orientation, is welcome.  Well, you should be fun to be around, but I think that's the sole criterion.  It should be a blast, and I promise not to complain about the heat.  Well, not too much.  Bill has been instructed to keep the tranquilizer dart gun primed and loaded, so at least I won't be your problem.   


Birdie said...

Honey, I'd be with you in a heartbeat if I could, dart gun and all. One o' these days...

Patrick said...

You know we'd love to have you, Dear Birdie. We'll make it happen.

Java said...

I saw you in this year's photo, as posted on QNY. Took me a minute to find you, as you were popping out from behind Joe Jervis.

Did I also see you on the Scissor Sister's News Television video (posted on JMG) as one of the fans reacting to the new album? Your two seconds of fame!

The parade looks like so much fun. The heat sounds like more than a drag.

Yeah, tapioca brains. We don't do heat well.

Patrick said...

Java: Yes, that's me behind Joe, but no, I'm not in the Scissor Sisters video. I'll have to take a look to see if I can find my twin. The parade was fun, Bill and I were both pleasantly surprised to find we weren't absolutely miserable heat-wise. Ah, those Irish boys. It was at its worst on Christopher St, because it gets narrower there, so less air, and suddenly we were behind idling motorcycles that showed up for just the last part of the march. Not sure what that was about. Hope you're not straying far from air conditioning. I may have to go seek some out now.